Glass writing boards




Wooden magnets - 2.70 EUR/pc.

Sturdy neodymium magnet with elegant wood handle made of natural wood with the ability to engrave your logo


PVC magnets - 1.50 EUR/pc.

Highly adhesive neodymium magnet with colored rubber surface


Magnetic sponge for cleaning - 2.15 EUR/pc.

The VITVE sponges have a modern and ergonomic design for a comfortable grip. They have a built-in neodymium magnet that sticks to the board. They serve for easy and trouble-free brushing and cleaning, leaving no stains or scratching the surface of the glass.


Marker holder - 2.10 EUR/pc.

Adhesive textile tag holder for branding that you can place on a place you choose on the board.


Magnetic marker holder - 5.15 EUR/pc.

Magnetic textile tag holder with an option to print a logo that is easily glued across the entire face on the writing board.


Stand under the board - 6.70 EUR/30 cm

A beautiful aluminum profile with a clean design with different mounting dimensions at the bottom of the board.

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