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Vitve Standart

The standard model of VITVE's magnetic glass writing boards offers a unpretentious design and unobtrusive presence suitable for official venues such as offices, conference halls, universities and schools. The traditional vision of the STANDART glass writing board does not predetermine its qualities, namely: a long-lasting and easy to maintain perfectly smooth glass surface that is resistant to "smudging" and "smudging".

Even with long-lasting use, it does not lose its quality and functionality, thanks to the 5 mm thick toughened safety glass. Glass has no greenish hue, unlike ordinary and industrial glass.

On the back of each writing board is a plasticized PVC coated sheet that allows you with a magnet to stick your notes and at the same time additionally protects the paint from overcoating. Anchoring is an easy task that anyone can handle, as fasteners with hidden mounting for secure and safe suspension are included.

The bargain price and the choice of size and shape make it a preferred and desirable model that fits perfectly into any interior. VITVE guarantees quality and reliability, which are the main features of the company's product line.

Wooden magnets - 2.70 EUR/pc.
PVC magnets - 1.50 EUR/pc.
Magnetic sponge for cleaning - 2.15 EUR/pc.
Marker holder - 2.10 EUR/pc.
Magnetic marker holder - 5.15 EUR/pc.
Stand under the board - 6.70 EUR/30 cm
The price quoted is VAT.