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Vitve Classic

VITVE CLASSIC glass magnetic writing board is fully functional and fits in any modern office, home or conference room. The CLASSIC writing board is durable and scratch-resistant, unlike wooden and plastic boards that "smudge" and "scratch". It is suitable for writing with any tags and is easy to clean.

The board is made of tempered safety glass 5 mm thick. and offers a perfectly flat glass surface with easy maintenance. The glass on the board has no greenish hue in direct sunlight, unlike ordinary lenses, and offers a high level of transparency and optics.

Each writing board on its back has a plasticized PVC-coated sheet metal so that you can easily snap with our powerful magnets notes and photos while at the same time achieving high quality, durability and additional paint protection for multi-year operation.

Equipped with reliable mounting fasteners for easy and secure hanging, this board is a beautiful alternative to traditional information boards and white writing boards. Several glass boards of different shapes and colors can be mounted and combined on walls for individual interior solutions.

Wooden magnets - 2.70 EUR/pc.
PVC magnets - 1.50 EUR/pc.
Magnetic sponge for cleaning - 2.15 EUR/pc.
Marker holder - 2.10 EUR/pc.
Magnetic marker holder - 5.15 EUR/pc.
Stand under the board - 6.70 EUR/30 cm
The price quoted is VAT.