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Mobile magnetic writing board from VITVE MOBILE is a variant that is an alternative to conventional mobile flip charts and information boards.
Its easy move and mobility is a factor that makes it preferred for hotels, offices, schools and conference rooms.
The writing board is made of an aluminum skeleton mounted on removable wheels, secured with an iron frame, making it lightweight, robust and free of visible fasteners. 
Thanks to the perfectly smooth glass surface, this glass writing board is durable to scratch and smudge, and the glass does not shade in direct sunlight.

Each writing mark is easy to apply and delete without leaving any stains to ensure long-lasting use and operation of the board, even in everyday use.
The high quality and attention to detail in making the VITVE MOBILE glass writing board is not a factor that adds value to it, but on the contrary, the value and the opportunity for an individual size is an added value that each VITVE customer receives.

Wooden magnets - 2.70 EUR/pc.
PVC magnets - 1.50 EUR/pc.
Magnetic sponge for cleaning - 2.15 EUR/pc.
Magnetic marker holder - 5.15 EUR/pc.
The price quoted is VAT.